"A dog is the one thing on earth that can love you more than you love yourself."

Dog Walker


Owner - Trainer - Pet Minder

Nice to meet you, my name is Lauren and in 2009 I started 'Board At Home', since then it has developed a great reputation in Perth's northern suburbs animal-owner community. Over the years I have added other services which includes 'Furry Tail Weddings'- pet attendant for weddings and 'Bubbles Hydrobath' - mobile dog washing. In 2015 I entered the training world volunteering with behaviourists, studying online and attending seminars which lead me to other oppurtinites. In 2016 I went into partnership with a renowned behaviourist and together we opened a dog training centre. After starting a family it was the right move for me to return to my previous businesses. Whether its dog walking, training or advice, my aim is to become a friend and a support network to you, your family and your furry, feathery or scaly friends.

I like to regularly update my knowledge and education with courses and seminars

2014 Australia Dog Trainers Academy - Training the trainers

2015 Clicker Training Work Shop - Pawsitive Wagging

2016 Different breeds have different needs seminar - PATS ( my previous business)

2017 Aggression Seminar - PATS

2017 Canine and Feline body Language - PATS

2018 Pawsome Puppies - Laura Ryder

2018 A Night of Pain - Dr Kate Lindsey KALMPETS

2019 IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer

2019 Separation Anxiety - Dr Kate Lindsay KALMPETS

2019 Loose Leaders - IMDT

2019 Consultation Skills - IMDT

2020 Currently Studying Analysis and Application - Behaviour IMDTB 



Bethany New 

Animal Attendant - Dog Walker

Beth is a mother of 3 beautiful human children, two puppers and one horse!

A horse trainer from the UK, we are very lucky to have such an educated and experienced animal carer. One things is for sure, when Beth gets her hands on your dogs they are out for an adventure and will most likely come home wet, she always find a lake to swim in.

Allyson Mockford

Animal Attendant - Dog Walker

Allyson is fur Mum to Teddy plus 2 adult human kids! 

Having had her own grooming business for nearly 10 years Allyson is extremely knowledgably with body language and is brilliant with our dogs that have special needs. Allyson is also an accomplished wedding photographer, the wedding experience is extra helpful for our dog weddings with Furry Tail Weddings. Check it out!


0434 947 223

Wanneroo WA 6065, Australia