Behaviour Modification

"With every animal you have to build it's confidence around people, because people do some crazy things." Ian Dunbar

Although we have been living with domesticated dogs for around 15000 years, unless you study canine behaviour it can be extremely difficult to understand mans best friend.

We love our dogs that's for sure, but from destructive behavoiurs, to nuisence barking and aggression, ultimately sometimes we are left in despair, overwhelmed and even to the point of surrendering. Which is difficult on everyone.

Having experienced my own dog with separation anxiety, destructive puppy and adolescent years, I can empathise and know first hand your frustration and heart ache. 

Since entering the industry 10 years ago I have had an increase in pet dog owners call on me to walk their dogs as they have lost confidence due to their dogs reactivity and aggression. I want to get YOU behind the leash and loving your walks again. No more hiding behind bushes or walking late at night to avoid other people and or dogs.

Our training methodology is positive reinforcement, using a clicker  " Clicker Training", this type of learning is called operant conditioning. Clicker training is the fastest way to train any animal.

If you are at your wits end, help is not far. Please get in contact and together we can move towards a happier, more harmonious life with your dog. 


Initial consultation, information gathering and introduction to training $105.00

Ongoing sessions  $85.00

Ongoing Sessions Additional Handler $105.00

Continued phone support, emailed information and training plans included.